We are moved in! ...kinda

Well, we are living in the new house...sort of. Our bedroom is the only room that is fully functional at the moment. We've been staying here since Saturday, camping out in the bedroom when we aren't getting stuff done.

Allow me to give you the grand tour (let's call these the "before" pictures)....

Living room:

Dining room:



Looking spiffy, eh? NOT.

We had family and friends help us move in and paint on Sunday. I've been attempting to finish up some of the painting since then, but I have chronic tendonitis in my right arm and shoulder that has been exacerbated by the pregnancy soooooo... I am a delicate creature at the moment. It sucks donkey dick. I am going insane being here all day with so much that needs to be done but not much I can do on my own. I can't do much painting at a time, I can't carry boxes up from the basement, and my husband has been working late (not by choice) every day this week. It's an issue. Luckily he will be home all weekend and we are going to try to get as much done as possible! I NEED ROOMS. Even if we just get the living room put together, I will feel so fancy being able to sit on my own couch again!

We are having an island built for the kitchen and new granite counter tops have been selected. I can't wait to see my new kitchen come together!

Let's talk about choosing paint colors.

IT'S SO HARD! At our previous house, I tried to push myself out of my blue/green comfort zone and chose a yellow for our foyer... which we both hated. So this time around I'm just going with my gut and choosing colors that speak to me... which are teal/turquoise blues with a bit of green.

In other news, I retrieved our kitties from my parents' house on Wednesday! I have missed them so much and it makes me indescribably happy to wake up in the morning to find them both purring furiously next to us on the bed.

These two are champions. I have had them since 2008 when they were babies and have lost count of how many times they have moved with me. They did some serious exploring Wednesday evening, but by the next morning they were back to devoting as much time as possible to their napping. Lazy bitches.

And that's all for now folks, hopefully I will have some real rooms to show sometime next week. For the sake of my sanity, let's hope I do.

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Tami said...

It looks adorable! And so do your kitties :) I just die when they sleep with their paws over their eyes like that!