Weekend Math: Booze + Booze = Hangover

This is really strange guys, I actually have a full weekend of activities to report. I do have a life after all! Occasionally.

I worked all day (boooooooooooo). Then Lee got back from his work trip (yippie!) and we headed over to a friend's house.

This game is called The Horse Racing game. It involves the board, a set of dice, a deck of cards, $10 in nickels per person, and zero skill. It also involved Fireball shots. I'm a sucker for a good game, and it ended up being super fun. So fun, in fact, that we didn't get home until after 3:00 am. Who are we?

It was sunny and beautiful outside, so we drug our hungover asses out of bed and took Dexter on a long walk.

The vegetation is still brown and sad looking, but the skies were blue and the birds were chirping. Good enough for me!

Then, it was time for our hot date!

We did Mexican for dinner because a) giant margaritas and b) cheese.

I was stoked when he agreed to Mexican, because it's always my first suggestion and 90% of the time he rejects it immediately. It's an issue. We may need to seek counseling.

Then we headed over to see The Wood Brothers. They were recording the show that night, and really brought their A game. It's a very intimate venue which always makes a show more enjoyable. As does several Crown and Gingers. We had a fantastic time.

We laid in bed hungover, groaning at each other, and watching random shit on the internets for hours. No seriously, I watched a 25 minute Vine compilation of cats doing funny stuff. It was just one of those mornings.

Then some of our good friends were like, "Hey, we're about to drive through Nashville. We want to see your faces!" I demanded that we meet them somewhere because our house was a huge mess and I was NOT about to speed clean in my hungover condition. We decided on Loveless because DELICIOUS.

So we headed over there early to put our name on the list because the after church crowd always invades on Sundays.

We were sleepy and hungover, but an hour and a half of playing cards in the sunshine definitely helped. As did the delicious Bloody Marys (hair of the dog), good friends, famous biscuits, and fried chicken. Nom.

Apparently the theme of this weekend was partying like we were still in college. I'm all about cramming as much partying as possible into one weekend, but oh man, what a reminder that I'm getting old! How did I do this multiple nights a week every week in college?


Sarah Lillian drives her car directly into a big fat slice of humble pie.

I am so over winter. So so very over it.

Before moving to Nashville, I lived in an area that got a fair amount of snow. I know how to drive in winter weather like a boss (or so I thought). So when I looked out the window yesterday morning and saw a healthy dusting of snow on the ground, I thought "Psssshhhhtt, I got this." and departed for work in my little Mazda3. The entire drive the radio is instructing people to "Stay off the roads if possible!" and the driving conditions are "icy and extremely unsafe!" I scoffed at the morons I saw in ditches and kept up my slow and steady pace. I made it past the scary tractor trailers and navigated the icy ramps between the main highways with ease.

As I approached my exit, I knew it was a big curve so I slowed down to a crawl and started the turn. I was congratulating myself on the fact that I was going to get to work on time, despite the shitty conditions, because I am SUCH a better driver than all those losers in ditches, when it happened...

I will now illustrate my adventure for your viewing pleasure: (I was so dedicated to this post that yes, I Google Mapped this shit. Now just picture all the green as brown dead grass covered in a sprinkling of stupid ice and snow.)

#1 > Oh, sweet! I'm totally going to get to work on time! Tra la la la la ...

#2 > ICE MONSTER ATTACK! In the slowest car accident ever, I felt my car lose all traction and knew there was no recovering. I tried to turn into the spin but to no avail, so I just waited for the slow-mo shit show to end while screaming a few choice words of frustration.

#3 > Mud. So. Much. Mud. My wheels just spun and I knew I was screwed. I called 911 and the operator was like, "Well, I'll put you on the list for a tow truck, but due to the amount of accidents this morning, it will probably be a couple hours." GREAT. MOTHER FUCKING GREAT. I'll just sit here in my car, wait for a tow truck to come extract me from this mud pit, and fume because I am literally a 5 minute walk away from work.

#4 > My two favorite cops in the world arrive to save the day! Looking very grumpy about it, they begrudgingly helped me steer/slide my car around until I was facing the other ramp. Then they gave me a few good pushes and I was back on solid ground! Just in time to see another car slide off the ramp directly into the mud pit we had just evacuated. Thank whatever god(s) you believe in that we managed to move my car when we did, otherwise things would have escalated to serious shit show status real quick.

#5 > After thanking them profusely, I went on my merry way. I arrived at work only 10 minutes late and a very happy camper.

Thank goodness my little vehicular adventure ended in nobody and nothing being hurt. It could have ended much worse than it did. I ate my humble pie and won't be so cocky about my winter driving skills the next time it snows... which hopefully won't be until next winter. I AM SO OVER THIS WHOLE STUPID SEASON.


The Magical Blogland

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon. I spent the morning cuddling in bed with my two cats, listening to The Moth podcasts, and messing around with my blog design.  I recently declared it rainy-Sunday-afternoon-wine-time and am currently enjoying my second glass of Shiraz. It's 4:00 in the afternoon. I give zero fucks. Lee left for a work trip yesterday morning and won't be back until Friday night. It's just me and the creatures for a week. I'm not sad. I enjoy these weeks of quiet solitude. I am very much an introvert, and while I always miss him when he's gone, I enjoy the chance for some "me time." Not that I do anything spectacular with it, it's mostly just spending the evenings after work watching girly TV with the creatures followed by bubble baths and early bedtimes.

About an hour ago, I tried really really hard to write a post about why I blog. Over the past few years, I have found myself returning to blogging time and again. I just couldn't properly articulate why I enjoy it so much and find myself missing it whenever I step away. I eventually got so frustrated with my inability to explain what blogging means to me, that I just deleted the entire draft and stopped trying. Shortly thereafter, I found myself reading The Bloggess' most recent post where she linked to some of her favorite internet discoveries from the past week. This article puts into words exactly how I feel about blogland. It is this whole world of interesting people and places that I would never be able to explore otherwise.

We moved to Nashville two years ago, and I still haven't found very many friends who I truly connect with. Sure, there are plenty of ladies I can meet for happy hour and enjoy chatting with, but only one or two I feel a real connection with. I can sum it up by saying I have many acquaintances, but very few friends here in Nashville. Perhaps it is because so many bloggers are so authentically themselves on their blogs, but I feel a connection with many more bloggers than friends here in Nashville. I love checking in with my favorite bloggers to read their daily musings and hear about their current triumphs and struggles. I find that I have quite a lot in common with these fabulous ladies, and it makes me feel less alone. In conclusion, read this post, it really struck a chord with me. The end.