The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding because the only books I have read in months are about birth or breastfeeding. Turns out, until recently I knew basically nothing about these subjects, so I'm trying to cram as much info about this stuff as possible into my overwhelmed brain before she decides to make her appearance.

That at our OB appointment on Monday the doctor had the ultrasound tech do a quick check to confirm that she is now head down (after being transverse and enthusiastically kicking the crap out of my side for over a month). The sweet ultrasound tech snuck in a few quick 3D pictures because at our previous ultrasounds the baby always had her adorable little hand firmly planted in front of her face. This time she cooperated and we got a great shot. I've looked at this picture a bajillion times since Monday, I just can't believe that I'm making that beautiful tiny human with my sweet uterus skillz!

To the wonderful peaceful silence that is our cul-de-sac in the middle of a weekday. All I hear is the rustling of the leaves in the wind and it's superb. Oh, and Dexter licking his junk... soundtrack of my life.

About how I really wish that the people who are finishing installing our new kitchen cabinets today could give me a more specific time frame than "after lunch". I really need to run some errands but I'm just chilling here watching Dexter lick his junk instead.

Myself with my decorating abilities. Over the years we have been very lucky to receive some excellent free furniture from various family members. I am a decorating ninja and can work almost anything into my decorating scheme if it's free. We recently received this sweet rug from my grandparents and while I would never have thought to choose that salmon color, it is totally working for me. Also, that awesome red leather chair just came to us from Lee's grandfather, and while red leather would not be my first choice, the fact that it was free makes it work just fine.

That I weren't waiting on these cabinet installing jerkfaces because while I need to run errands, I could also convince myself very easily that a nap would be an excellent use of my time.

Leggings, a hoodie, and Toms. My uniform these days.

To finish up with the house. Our goal is to have everything unpacked, the kitchen cabinets and backsplash done, the sink in our master bathroom functional, and all the painting completed before the baby arrives. I have a feeling that she will be arriving fashionably late (the due date is 12/16), so I'm not stressing too hard... yet.

A massage. Pregnant chicks in their last trimester aren't kidding when they complain about the back pain. All I want to do is crack my back and then bend over and touch my toes, but there's this minor issue of a giant baby belly preventing me from any semblance of flexibility.

That I wish people would just buy us stuff off of our registry, dammit. There is a baby shower for me this Sunday, and while I am so very very thankful for the generosity of these ladies who are giving me gifts, I HAVE A REGISTRY FOR A REASON. While I don't want to sound ungrateful, and I realize that little pink onesies are more fun to buy, there is a lot of practical stuff that we NEED. I was just looking at our registry this morning and almost nothing has been purchased. A crib mattress isn't very glamorous, but it's something that we must have whether someone else buys it for us or we buy it for ourselves. When I buy gifts for friends and I don't want it to feel impersonal, I usually buy one practical boring thing off their registry and one smaller fun thing that I know they will appreciate. 

Incredibly nervous but super duper excited that we will be meeting our little nugget so soon! I don't have much experience caring for newborns, but I can figure it out just like every other new mother since the dawn of time, right?

PS. Feel free to steal this post prompt, I totally nabbed it from Tami.


Tami said...

Your house looks like it's coming together great! And waiting for repair guys/deliveries/installer people sucks. Talk about a waste of a day.

Jay T said...

OH MY GOSH. BABY PICTURE. I'm so excited for you too! And your living room looks great and I feel like that sofa would be great for a nap.

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Even if I go off a registry, I always get something FROM the registry too! You can always get the fun stuff later!

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

One of the advantages of not finding out our baby's gender was that people ALL shopped from the registry, because no one could buy cute clothes/baby accessories instead! I suppose you can always keep the receipts and exchange the items for stuff you NEED, but I agree, registries are made for a reason!

shannon said...

you really do have sweet uterus skillz.