Don't be jealous of my sweet 80s maternity flannel.

I have a new favorite maternity shirt. My mom "borrowed" it from my dad's closet when she was pregnant with me and proceeded to wear it throughout all three of her pregnancies. She loved it so much that it was still lurking in the back of her closet last week (her youngest baby is now 22). I adore it. It is super comfy, perfectly long, and I'm loving the bitchin' purple/turquoise combo.

I am now in my third trimester. Whaaaaaaaaaat? It's time to start seriously thinking about how this human is going to exit my womb...yikes.

As I mentioned previously, I greatly appreciate all the bloggers who share about their pregnancies. I have always been intrigued by pregnancy and babies, and always enjoy leaning as much as I can. So here are some more of my experiences as of 27 weeks into this, that some pregnant ladies may not be sharing with you during casual conversation:

I can see the bottom of my belly button. I have a pretty average innie (I guess?), and have never really been able to see the very very bottom where all the skin gathers. It is now stretched wide open and I'm not gonna lie, it's slightly disconcerting.

Boob veins.  Before I spent a glorious long weekend at the beach earlier this month, I was looking quite pale, per usual, and had all these huge crazy blue veins suddenly appear all over my chest and boobs. My body is preparing to sustain a human life, NBD.

Dark nipples. And on the topic of my newly large(ish) breasticles, my nipples have completely changed colors. Whoa.

Pantyliners are a must. A friend had warned me about the need for pantyliners during pregnancy, especially towards the end. Yup, she wasn't lying. About week 25 I discovered that little joy.

Swollen feet. So my body is doing this new cool thing where if I am on my feet continually for more than an hour or two, they swell. A lot. To the point where I have to cram them into my Tom's like sausage into a casing. My ankles always join the party too, mmmmm... cankles.

Doin' it. While my libido has definitely increased, so has my sensitivity and my girth. It's a delicate balance and while it is still quite enjoyable, I sure am looking forward to someday doin' it sans giant belly containing our kicking offspring.

In some ways, I can't believe I only have three months left! In three short months we will suddenly find ourselves with a newborn that is completely and 100% our responsibility. Eek! But at the same time, I also can't believe I have three months still to go, my belly is starting to be a real nuisance and her kicks already seem so strong. She nailed me in the top of my bladder a couple days ago and I nearly wet myself. True story.


Jay T said...

I LOVE that you're sharing these things about your pregnancy! I had heard about the nipple color change, but I had no idea that you needed pantyliners or that the veins made such an appearance. That flannel shirt looks SO comfortable and you are such an adorable pregnant lady! YAY BUMP!!

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

Ohhhh boob veins. Just wait until your milk comes in after your little one is born - yikes!

Also, you look awesome!

Shane Prather said...

HAHAHA! What a great post to stumble upon on my first visit to your blog :) Sticking around!

The Modern Tulip said...

Oh my goodness the boob veins. Aren't those spectacular?

Mack N. Cheese said...

OMG you are the cutest pregnant person ever! I am skeptical of this gorilla status you speak of ;) Congratulations on the impending birth of your baby girl! Fingers crossed for hairless newborn hamster (she actually will be that, to start!) but of course she'll be beautiful either way! ps love "awkward giraffe" i can so relate. hugs and hot wax <3