Plaid scarves, tiny frogs, and grilled cheese...

I realize that I am being rather cliche by even mentioning this in blogland right now, as it seems to be the topic of the week, but I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT FALL. It is seriously my favorite season. Scarves and boots and layers and warm drinks and crispy evenings and blanket cuddles. I am loving it! And here are five other things that I am loving right now:

New scarves. I am a bit scarf obsessed anyways, and now that I'm trying to make my small closet of maternity clothes as versatile as possible, I've given myself permission to buy a few new ones. It's totally legit since they'll still be my size in four months, right?

That's some straight up fashion blogger shit, right there. You almost can't tell that I'm wearing pajamas and no makeup, right?

Tomato soup and grilled cheese. It is overcast and nippy today, how could I not?

Sir Poindexter is here! While we've been dwelling in my in-laws' basement, Dexter has been living it up on my parents' farm. That is, until he somehow managed to get a nasty cut on his back. The vet stitched him up and put in a drain, which means no running around balls to the wall crazy on the farm for a bit. So he's here in the basement, spending the days chillaxing with me and ensuring that I get up off my increasingly large lazy pregnant ass for long walks on a daily basis.

He has been obsessed with hunting the tiny frogs that dwell on the banks of my inlaws' lake.

 Despite how hard he stalks them, he hasn't managed to get one yet.

Crockpots. First of all, it is fall which automatically means crockpot time, duh. Second, I love making a ton of food at once and then having lots of leftovers in the fridge. Since I am eating constantly, I love having a healthy, hearty snack readily available at all times. I made this chicken, sweet potato, and kale soup last night and it is most definitely a keeper. I doubled the sweet potato and kale to stretch it a little further.

I have leftovers for days, and that means I am one happy lazy cook.

Birth classes. We start birth classes tomorrow. I signed up for a twelve week series of classes on The Bradley Method. They are all about natural labor and birth as well as breastfeeding, postpartum care, caring for a newborn, and more. Hopefully this will make me a bit more confident about the whole baby exiting through my lady bits situation...

The end.


Kim Wanders said...

Love of all of these things, and also, the sunnies!!

Kelly Mock said...

Mmmm! That grilled cheese!