Someone's Teething

Her first tooth is coming in and ohmygoodness she is NOT a happy camper.

Good thing she's so cute.


The Girliest Farmhand You'll Ever Meet

Lillian and I recently spent the weekend at my parents' farm while Lee was out of town for work. I ADORE springtime on the farm! I have so many fond memories of playing outside at the barn while growing up (until I became a teenager and vehemently hated farm life).

That's a picture of a picture of yours truly getting my farm on as a small child. Yes, I'm wearing bling (and possibly eyeshadow?). I was (and still am) the girliest farm hand you'll ever meet. I can shovel horse shit without marring a still wet fresh manicure. TRUE STORY.

My mom used to breed warmbloods for drassage so there were always adorable/goofyass foals frolicking around the pastures. And I witnessed many of those foals being born (And I realize now how crazy it is that as a four year old I was watching mares giving birth!). I would spend hours digging for bugs and worms to feed to the chickens. I had "secret" clubhouses back in the dark, dusty corners of the hayloft. I had two ponies as a kid. Yes, two - Marigold would get carsick when she rode in the horse trailer, so we got Clementine for me to take to Pony Club shows. There are multiple pictures of me riding the ponies in riding boots, a hard hat, and various sparkly princess outfits.

I love taking Lillian to the farm. My dad spends the whole time telling her how someday she'll get to ride on the tractor with him and be his assistant. My mom dangles her feet in patches of clover and then mud puddles and delights in Lillian's resulting smiles.  My mom loves watching little kids enjoy the farm; she is totally going to buy a pony for Lillian any minute now.

Yikes, that girl is super white.

As a kid I spent tons of time exploring our woods, playing in the mud, and discovering all sorts of nature. During this visit, we spotted a hidden bird nest in the wall of a shed. Shortly thereafter, I pried a terrified turtle from the mouth of a very excited boxer. (Don't worry, the turtle was unharmed and was later released beside our neighbor's pond, far far away from turtle hunting dogs.)

I can't wait for Lillian to be old enough to enjoy farm adventures!


We're All Adult and Stuff

Today is our wedding anniversary. Holy crap. I've been married for four years. FOUR YEARS. That's crazy. And somehow, over the course of those four years, we've become adults together. Seriously. Adulthood just snuck up on us. I don't know how it happened.

When we got married we were starry eyed young things (I was 24, he was 27). He was in grad school and I was managing a gigantic antique mall. We lived in an adorable but tiny (500 sq ft) yellow house in a small college town. We still partied like college kids with no one to answer to but our two cats.

That umbrella was not just a fun prop - there were massive thunderstorms and multiple tornadoes the day of our wedding.

Within just the past year of our marriage:
>> I got a big promotion.
>> I got knocked up.
>> Lee took a new job in NC.
>> We moved.
>> We sold our house in TN.
>> We bought our home here.
>> We had a kid.

Whoa. We've been busy. I'm hoping that this next year of marriage is a little less tumultuous.


Best Diaper Bag Ever

Day 14 of rocking my capsule wardrobe! So far, so good.

Tank | Gap // Sweater | Target (old) // Leggings | Banana Republic (old) // Shoes | Target (old) // Necklace | I have no clue (super old) // Bag | Nena & Co.

I love to wear black. Always have, always will.

I wear leggings as pants. Haters can suck it.

My shoes have bows on them. #totesadorbes

Since I wear so many neutrals, I usually like to carry a fun bag to add some color. I adore my new Nena & Co. Day Bag II/diaper bag! You may remember my treat yo' self post that was devoted exclusively to geeking out about how excited I was when I ordered it. What can I say? I love a good bag.

Now I'm really wanting a Nena & Co. huipil clutch for those moments that we're just running in and out of a store super fast; that diaper bag can get awfully heavy. The only con of being a babywearing mama is the absence of a stoller to carry the plethora of heavy baby crap for me.


My Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule Wardrobe - "Simple definition? It’s a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally LOVE to wear. For Unfancy purposes, it’s a 37 piece wardrobe that includes tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, and shoes." - Caroline @ Un-Fancy

Last week I wrote about why I'm doing a capsule wardrobe. Feel free to hit that up if you missed it.

 >> I currently have 32 pieces. I plan to purchase 5 more: chambray button up (my old one had an unfortunate run in with some bleach recently #laundryfail), strappy brown flats, perhaps a new dress for Lillian's christening, another short sleeved top, and I already ordered this Everlane white tee. And I may need these fringe boots because they have a lower heel than the boots pictured above and would be more comfy and absurdly cute with everything. TBD.

>> I did not include undergarments, lounge wear, or athletic wear. 

>> I've always worn a lot of neutrals. (My mom hates it.) I rely on accessories and nail polish to provide pops of color.

>> Trying on clothes with this new, curvier body was different and fun.

>> A lot of the pieces in my closet are too small for me at the moment. However, only 8 of the above items are post-baby purchases. Once I actually went through my wardrobe piece by piece, I found a fair amount of separates that still fit.

>> I am nursing, therefore lightning fast boob access is a must. The 4 dresses above are the only ones in my entire closet that meet that criteria. Therefore they won.

>> It would appear that I mostly wear Gap and Target.

>> I don't know if I could do this if I still worked in a big office 5 days a week. This is totally doable since these days I spend most of my time in ratty leggings and a tank and never leave the house.

>> I'm worried that I have too many sweaters/jackets. But I'm having a hard time deciding which one to eliminate.

Ok people, I purchased a cheap tripod and am going to attempt this whole regular outfit posts thing. I apologize in advance.


Lillian Report + Spring Capsule Preview

Heyooo!!! My kid and I were up partying until 1:00am last night... or I was sitting in bed rewatching the first half of the new season of Mad Men so I could watch the newest episode (SO EXCITED/so sad that it's almost over) while she gleefully babbled and nomed/drooled all over my hands and arms. But it's 10:00am and she's still sleeping so whatevs, I'm rather enjoying the baby free morning. And painting the fingernails on my right hand which never got painted last night because I thought she was down for the night and painted my left hand and then she woke up and that was that. Call me old fashioned, but I feel fancier when BOTH hands are painted. (Mom tip: only paint one hand at a time... just in case someone wakes up and demands a boob asap.)

Now that she's 3 months we're going to start exploring sleep training. Any moms out there have a method that worked for you?

And homegirl has some new skillz. Yesterday she took a toy out of my hand and put it in her mouth. WHAT!?! I am so not ready for this. Where is my sweet, docile little newborn?

But then again, now she will hang out in this thing for a while and let me do exciting things like eat a quick meal without a baby in my lap. So fancy!

I'm working on taking pictures of all the pieces in my spring capsule wardrobe. So far, so good! It actually wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be. I still have a couple of basic pieces I need to buy though. Stay tuned for further discussion. But here's a preview: