Treat Yo Self

I just ordered the most expensive bag I will probably ever own and I'm still giddy from the splurge. It's a Nena & Co. Day Bag II and it's going to be the sassiest diaper bag ever.

Nena & Co. is a socially responsible company that makes gorgeous one-of-a-kind bags using fabric used for Guatemalan huipils (handwoven traditional women's tops) and leather.

I love designer bags but have never paid full price. I drool over them in the department stores and then go buy last year's bags at TJ Maxx. I have never paid triple digits for a bag in my life.

I originally told Lee that I didn't want a push present, but that was prior to the birth. Turns out I labored 22 hours with a posterior baby who was 16 days late (that post will be coming soon) and I just decided that neverfuckingmind, I totally deserve a push present after that shit show.

Lee is currently leading a spring break trip in Zion National Park, but he flew into Vegas the day before and ended up winning an impressive chunk of dolla dolla bills at the Blackjack table that night. Soooooooo... he is buying me this bag. (I mean, we only have one bank account but it's the sentiment that counts here, right?)

The best part? He doesn't have cell service right now because he is in the middle of nowhere frolicking around the nature, so he doesn't even know that he is being so generous!

But now I have to wait for it to arrive, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And don't you worry, I'll reveal which one I chose upon its arrival.

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Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

These bags are beautiful and I totally agree, you deserve a push present FOR SURE!