The Ultimate Grilled Cheese and a Rude Baby

Hey you! So glad you're here and thanks for tuning in for another episode of "random blog post with no valid theme"...

Upping the bloggy game. I've been feeling disconnected and bored recently. Lillian and I have settled into our little daily routine and every second of caring for a baby is no longer a new and exciting adventure. Over the weekend I did a little blog redesign hoping that it will be the motivation I need to start blogging more frequently. I'm also going to get back into reading my Bloglovin' reading list on the daily, so if anyone is feeling helpful and would like to give me some good blog recommendations, please do. No seriously, I would love to know some of your favorite regular reads. Please share.

My kid is two months old. I don't know how it happened, but yes, she is two months old and working on all sorts of new tricks. She holds her head up like a boss. She is finding her voice and "talks" to us constantly, especially when she is displeased i.e. she is not being held by someone. She has slept for six hours TWICE within the last week. She can void the entire contents of her stomach in a matter of seconds. And she's really into subtly flipping the bird on the regular.

She gives zero shits.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese. Yes please. I saw this video several weeks ago and it popped into my head last night as I was staring into our almost empty refrigerator at 1:00 am this morning. And since I'm a sucker for anything that involves melted cheese, I decided to go for it.

Great success! Give it a try. Impress all your friends. You're welcome.

Books on Tape. I've always loved books on tape but they used to be strictly relegated to car trips. But no longer! I've discovered Audible and have been listening to books nonstop recently. Lillian is still working her way up to being a great conversationalist, and in the meantime, we spend our days (and nights) listening to hours and hours of books on tape. I'm currently listening to the Outlander series, and while it is a bit more "chick lit" than I would normally read, it's perfect for my current distracted state of mind. I can tune in and out without completely losing track of the storyline, and the cheesy steamy 18th century sex scenes aren't frequent enough for it to be totally ridiculous. I'm a total sucker for historical fiction romance novels, definitely a guilty pleasure of mine.


Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

YOU MADE A REAL LIVE BABY!!!!!!! Go in with your bad self, girl! Dang, I've been out of the loop! I remember talking about how people like to put their two cents in... then I turn around and you've popped her out! ;P Love the name!!

Tami said...

I'm on my phone so I can't get the full effect of your new design, but I'll definitely check it out on the old desktop soon. I'm loving your baby posts! It's so fun to hear what really goes on in the life of a new mom (baby clueless over here).

rach said...

Your little girl is so cute!

Mack N. Cheese said...

OMG! The Baby! (I'm so out of the loop!) That pic is priceless. So is grilled cheese. Hugs!