Who says that snow days can't be fun when you're an adult?

Lillian was unimpressed by her first snow.

We awoke yesterday morning to find a perfect blanket of snow. It was that magical soft, fluffy kind that makes everything look absolutely beautiful. Campus was closed (because in mid North Carolina everything comes to a screeching halt the second it flurries), so Lee didn't have to go into work. He was still fast asleep when I plopped a freshly fed and changed baby into bed with him and headed downstairs to enjoy my morning coffee in solitude, a rare treat these days. 

Dexter was thrilled with the new development and ran exuberant laps around the backyard. Eloise... not so much.

We brunched while watching the neighborhood kids make some rather subpar snowmen, and then headed out for a walk around the neighborhood.

After our walk we ventured into town to our friends' bottle shop for some fancy beer. Because snow day.

Lillian wore her cutest bear ears.

We finished the day with pizza, Settlers of Catan, beer, and some Girl Scout cookies we accidentally bought while we were out. PS. When the hell did they change all the names? WTF?

It was amazing to spend a day together without any obligations. We slept late, dicked around all day, and discussed at length how absurdly cute our daughter is. We get so wrapped up in the demands of the day-to-day and weekend projects, that sometimes we forget to just hang out and enjoy each other. I married him because he's my best friend, after all, and it sure is nice to spend a day just chilling with my best friend

And now Lillian and I are eagerly awaiting Lee's return home from work so we can watch HOUSE OF CARDS!!! What what! So excited!

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Kate Mitchell said...

The names are dependent on where in the country they were made/distributed! When I moved to Nashville for school, the names there were different from when I lived in New England.