Oxytocin HIgh

Being a mom is amazing. I'm loving every moment of it. I recently read this interesting article: What Happens to a Woman's Brain When She Becomes a Mother. I am getting some serious oxytocin rushes, ya'll. My baby is the cutest thing I've ever encountered and I legit think that everything she does is adorable.

I'll feel slightly irritated when I feel her stirring in the middle of the night, but the second I see her looking back at me with those adorable eyes, the oxytocin hits me and I'm all "Nevermind, I love you so hard and I'm totally ok with waking up at 4:00am to change your poop filled diaper and nurse you until you fall back asleep."

She's reallllllllllly good at cuddles.

And hilarious faces.

I'm feeling almost fully recovered from birthing a small human, we're both getting better and better at breastfeeding, and I'm not nearly as sleep deprived as I thought I would be. She demands to nurse every three hours or so, but I just keep going back to sleep with her until I feel fully rested. Sometimes it results in us getting out of bed at 2:00pm, but hey, whatevs.

I'm loving my new role as her mother and I'm so stoked to watch her change and grow.

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Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

YES! She is beautiful and it sounds like you're doing great. I was the same way when Clara was a newborn... I'd just sleep until I was rested and sometimes that meant being in bed until the afternoon! If it works, keep doing it!