Holy crap, my kid is is six weeks old.

She has started to really look at faces and is working on figuring out the whole smiling thing.

She coos and ahhs constantly. When I wear her in the wrap, she holds her head up and looks all around.

Speaking of babywearing... it is amazing. She stays happy because she feels like she is being held, and I stay happy because I can get stuff done. She will fall asleep in my arms easily, but will almost always wake up the second I put her down. However, she will nap long and hard when she's in the wrap. I also like that she is constantly with me in the wrap, when I do manage to get her to nap in the bed I feel compelled to check on her absurdly often. I can't help it, it's the mommy hormones making me crazy paranoid!

We went to our first mommy baby yoga class yesterday. I loved it and it's definitely going to become a regualr occurrence. It's a great way for me to learn some new ways to stretch and work out this post-baby body. Plus, I can get in a little exercise when it's too cold or gross to power walk with her at the park.

She has started to actually watch stuff. She watched the mobile on her swing for the fist time a couple of days ago.

We co-sleep.  I actually don't know any moms who don't. She sleeps for longer periods of time and I sleep better because I can wake up and check on her without even moving. My husband sleeps with us sometimes, but usually sleeps in the guest bedroom which is easier for everyone. There is no need for him to wake up multiple times throughout the night since I'm the one nursing her. Plus it's nice to have the entire bed to ourselves, I sleep better when we have a little space and I'm not on my side curled around her which is what always happens when he's in the bed with us.

Sunday we asked two of our best friends to be her godparents and it was a really happy moment all around. They were totally surprised and touched and it meant as much to them as it did to us.

We are not particularly religious, she is going to be christened in April but it's more for our families than for us. But it was still really special to name them as her godparents, we chose a couple who have been really excellent friends to us for years. They are just really good people and will be great role models for her as she grows.

I'm still totally loving my new all-consuming role as her mom. I've wanted it for a long, long time and am super excited that it finally happened!


Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

I can't believe she's already 6 weeks old! That means she's officially past the 'newborn' stage! Yes to the babywearing and cosleeping... Clara was doing super well with sleeping in her own crib but I think she's teething now because she ONLY wants to sleep with me. It's sweet and exhausting!

You both look fantastic <3

Tami @ Friday Morning Buzz said...

Motherhood looks SO good on you! Your babygirl is adorable, but I'm sure you knew that by now :)