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Happy Friday! This afternoon we are heading to Boone, NC to visit some good friends and go to BANFF Film Festival. Then tomorrow Lillian and I are heading to Asheville to stay in a mountain cabin with some of my college girlfriends for a fun baby shower/reunion weekend. Hope you have a great weekend in store for you as well!

My "Oh hey, Friday!" five:

1. The nursery is ALMOST done! I just have to get my shit together and finish putting stuff up on the walls. I'm quite pleased with everything so far. I made that fun bunting recently and I must say, I don't hate it.

 2. Lillian has some mad neck strength going on lately.

3. The goodies in the gift bag for to the mom-to-be in Asheville:

I tried to come up with stuff that I would have been excited to receive at my showers six months ago: 

- A handmade teething necklace from the Etsy shop Stitching to Craft. I ordered one for myself too, oops. (It came with a surprise keychain.) I was having a hard time deciding which colors to choose for her, so I went with her wedding colors from several years ago. Wedding colors are usually a safe bet, right?
- A Babies R Us gift card. We were so thankful for all the gift cards that we received at our showers. We ended up buying a lot of the more practical stuff on our registry ourselves.
- Never used socks, mittens, and pacifiers that I was going to pack away. Hey, why not? It's always fun to have plenty of cute little things when opening a baby gift.

4. I reused wrapping from one of my showers to wrap her gift. Reduce Reuse Recycle!

I chose the cheesiest bag I had, she will appreciate it.

I like to make my bows by hand. Plus bows can be freakin' expensive, dude! I usually just browse through Pinterest until I find one that I like. They're usually pretty easy. I used this one this time.

5. Dexter and I spent the majority of the afternoon yesterday walking around the backyard with a very cranky Lillian. He's been working on this hole when we're not around to scold him. He's quite proud of it.

Dexter so loves Lillian. We have to watch him closely when he's around her though, he wants nothing more than to lick her face and can be pretty sneaky about it. She does not approve.

5 1/2. I've always disliked those stick figure families people put on the back of their cars. Turns out, they are putting your kids in danger! So go take them off. Now.

 Happy weekend!

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