LOLing With the Ones You Love

One of the many things I love about my husband is that we have very similar senses of humor. Last night we spent way too much time scrolling through @thefatjewish's instagram and LOLed at all the same ones. *sigh* Some ladies get warm fuzzies when their man brings them flowers (mine can't because our asshole cats immediately eat them all), but I get warm fuzzies when I show my husband something stupid that I find amusing and he giggles equally hard.

After spending 10 days solo-parenting while visiting friends and family with a baby who currently screams bloody murder the entire time she is in a carseat always, sometimes you just need to enjoy some good old fashioned stupid internet humor with your man.

And we giggled the hardest at all the same ones. And I felt all the warm fuzzies.

And then I discovered the St. Patrick's Day bonuses on Snapchat and we immediately sent all three of these to my sister. Because she is the only person I Snapchat with.

Yes, that middle leprechaun is one of the assholes who eats all my flowers so she can puke them up on the rug an hour later. She's good at cuddles though, so we let her stay.

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Helene in Between said...

thefatjewish is my fave account! I am so with you. when we can laugh about something together, that is everything!