Two Sisters and a Baby

Lee was out of town for work for 10 days, so Lillian and I were out and about visiting family and friends. We spent the weekend in Asheville, NC with my sister.

My sister and I love to cook together and I had just seen this Sweet Potato Bacon Hash on A Beautiful Mess and was dying to try it. Great success! So easy and super delicious. Plus, let's be serious, bacon. #mouthgasm

And while we had A Beautiful Mess pulled up on her laptop I said "Oh yeah, and look at this cool messy box and happy mail thing that they do." My sister and I investigated and had a conversation that went something like this:

S: "It's cool, right? But not something I could justify buying for myself."
J: "Ohhhhhhhhhh but it's so fun!"
S: "Well, I mean, I would love to buy you a subscription as a gift. You know... if you wanted to gift it to me too..."
J: "DONE."


So we each gifted the other a subscription to happy mail with the condition that we have to immediately send each other one card when we receive it every month. I am positive that we will regularly send each other the same card because we are creepy psychic together like that.

Other accomplishments of the weekend:

- We successfully picked out bridesmaid dress styles for our brother's wedding in November. You know the drill: the bride gives you the brand, fabric, length, and color, you then select a dress that fits all of those parameters and then cringe at the price tag.

- We spent the evenings snuggled up in front of her marvelous wood stove watching girly movies while her cats eyed Lillian suspiciously.

- We experienced the most delicious Indian lunch buffet in existence at Mela. I may insist on lunching there and only there every time I am in Asheville from now on.

- Lillian cuted pretty hard, as usual.

- And thanks to my wonderful sister, I slept in for the first time in over a month! I fed Lillian and promptly fell back asleep while Lillian was up and ready to start her day, so my sister put on the Moby wrap and wore her around the house for a couple of hours before waking me up with a cup of fresh coffee. My baby sister, she's the bestest!

I truly hope that we have another girl. The relationship between sisters is unparalleled and I hope that Lillian is able to experience it someday. My sister and I are 5 1/2 years apart with a brother in between, and although we did not become friends until she was a teenager, she is now one of my closest and dearest friends.

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Helene in Between said...

i love the idea of each getting a supscription box! and now i want that sweet potato bacon hash.