Oh hey, Friday!

It's Friday! And my husband doesn't have to work at all this weekend! Hip hip hooray!

Below I give you five random Friday thoughts. Surprise! They are all about the tiny human with whom I currently spend 100% of my life.

1. We are so ready for spring! Tuesday was gloriously warm and sunny. The rest of the week has been cold and/or rainy. Boooooo. I can't wait to be able to spread a blanket out in our backyard and chill in the sun with Lillian and Sir Poindexter (our German Shepherd). In the meantime, she was pretty cute in this sun hat she rocked on our Tuesday walk.

2. I kiss this tiny human an absurd amount. I realize this every time I wear lipstick and have to abstain so I don't leave lipstick all over her face and head.

3. I wear my baby A LOT. Partly because I have chronic tendonitis issues in my right shoulder and arm and babywearing is seriously saving me from excruciating daily pain. I also love having her all snuggled up against me. Plus, it makes running errands/shopping/eating at a restaurant like a real person SO much easier because I don't have to deal with a stroller and she rarely gets fussy when she's on me.

4. Getting my baby to sleep is so much easier when I'm wearing her. If she is fussy and obviously ready for a nap, I just pop her in the Moby and wander around doing little tasks around the house while humming and swaying until she's asleep. However, it is tricky tricky to transfer her to the bed once she's asleep. I try not to let her fall asleep in the Ergobaby 360 if I can help it because the waistband has a giant chunk of Velcro which is SO LOUD when trying to take off a sleeping baby. Below is the proof of the one and only time I successfully transferred her to the bed in the Ergo... and she woke up five minutes later.

5. I can't sing her to sleep because my ridiculous bunny gets all excited whenever I sing and will start grinning and "singing" along. It's insanely adorable. And I'm rather enjoying having someone appreciate my singing; I am completely tone deaf and usually people (ahem... my loving sister) beg me to stop making their ears bleed.

That's all for now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Oh. My. Goodness. She could not be any more precious!!! Those facial expressions!!! HAHAHAH :D

Tami @ Friday Morning Buzz said...

THOSE FACES when you're kissing her! I'm dead!