We're All Adult and Stuff

Today is our wedding anniversary. Holy crap. I've been married for four years. FOUR YEARS. That's crazy. And somehow, over the course of those four years, we've become adults together. Seriously. Adulthood just snuck up on us. I don't know how it happened.

When we got married we were starry eyed young things (I was 24, he was 27). He was in grad school and I was managing a gigantic antique mall. We lived in an adorable but tiny (500 sq ft) yellow house in a small college town. We still partied like college kids with no one to answer to but our two cats.

That umbrella was not just a fun prop - there were massive thunderstorms and multiple tornadoes the day of our wedding.

Within just the past year of our marriage:
>> I got a big promotion.
>> I got knocked up.
>> Lee took a new job in NC.
>> We moved.
>> We sold our house in TN.
>> We bought our home here.
>> We had a kid.

Whoa. We've been busy. I'm hoping that this next year of marriage is a little less tumultuous.


Susan said...

Isn't it crazy how adulthood just sneaks up on us like this? I love that y'all have been married for 4 years!! Congrats! You have gone through a lot in the last few years!

Megz said...

Very similar to us! When we married, I still had another year of college to go, hubby had just graduated, I got pregnant, we moved across the country, hubby stated going to grad school and this summer is our 4 year anniversary. Yay for crazy lives haha ;-P

Jay T said...

April 16 is my favorite date of the year! I love the way it sounds and it's a perfect square (I don't even like math but I love that fact). Congratulations to you two!

Emily S (Em Busy Living) said...

Happy anniversary and congratulations! It is crazy to see how quickly time flies, and even crazier to see how many things can change in that time!

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

Happy (belated) anniversary!!!! You had such a huge last year last year! <3