Best Diaper Bag Ever

Day 14 of rocking my capsule wardrobe! So far, so good.

Tank | Gap // Sweater | Target (old) // Leggings | Banana Republic (old) // Shoes | Target (old) // Necklace | I have no clue (super old) // Bag | Nena & Co.

I love to wear black. Always have, always will.

I wear leggings as pants. Haters can suck it.

My shoes have bows on them. #totesadorbes

Since I wear so many neutrals, I usually like to carry a fun bag to add some color. I adore my new Nena & Co. Day Bag II/diaper bag! You may remember my treat yo' self post that was devoted exclusively to geeking out about how excited I was when I ordered it. What can I say? I love a good bag.

Now I'm really wanting a Nena & Co. huipil clutch for those moments that we're just running in and out of a store super fast; that diaper bag can get awfully heavy. The only con of being a babywearing mama is the absence of a stoller to carry the plethora of heavy baby crap for me.


Susan said...

I am not in a need for a diaper bag yet - however this one is awesome. And your outfit is super cute. LOVE those shoes! :)

Elisabeth McKnight said...

1. What a gorgeous bag.

2. babywearing is the best, but you're right - its exhausting carrying the diaper bag and the baby sometimes. ...when we travel in a few weeks I'm bringing the stroller in the airport just to carry the diaper bag (and because I don't have to pay to check it that way)... being a mom has definitely done wonders for my arm muscles :)