Lillian Report + Spring Capsule Preview

Heyooo!!! My kid and I were up partying until 1:00am last night... or I was sitting in bed rewatching the first half of the new season of Mad Men so I could watch the newest episode (SO EXCITED/so sad that it's almost over) while she gleefully babbled and nomed/drooled all over my hands and arms. But it's 10:00am and she's still sleeping so whatevs, I'm rather enjoying the baby free morning. And painting the fingernails on my right hand which never got painted last night because I thought she was down for the night and painted my left hand and then she woke up and that was that. Call me old fashioned, but I feel fancier when BOTH hands are painted. (Mom tip: only paint one hand at a time... just in case someone wakes up and demands a boob asap.)

Now that she's 3 months we're going to start exploring sleep training. Any moms out there have a method that worked for you?

And homegirl has some new skillz. Yesterday she took a toy out of my hand and put it in her mouth. WHAT!?! I am so not ready for this. Where is my sweet, docile little newborn?

But then again, now she will hang out in this thing for a while and let me do exciting things like eat a quick meal without a baby in my lap. So fancy!

I'm working on taking pictures of all the pieces in my spring capsule wardrobe. So far, so good! It actually wasn't as difficult as I expected it to be. I still have a couple of basic pieces I need to buy though. Stay tuned for further discussion. But here's a preview:


Megz said...

Honestly, my in-laws came to visit us when our little guy was about 2 or the weeks old so we moved him to the crib in his room for that. The first night or two were rough, he got up often and had a hard time getting to sleep but then was fine. By 5 weeks he was sleeping 12 hours a night! We lucked out big time, I know lol
I love the pineapple print top and the TOM'S especially! Cute stuff! :)

Sarah :: Plucky in Love said...

What a cutie! I hear they grow up pretty fast, and that this is just the beginning of those "What? Already?!" moments. ;)

Elisabeth McKnight said...

so much to say about sleeping - but first ...what position is she sleeping in and what do you swaddle with? we've moved linc to his stomach (i know, i know) but the halo sleep sack and the ollie swaddle are both AMAZING and were huge helps with his sleeping. that and white noise apps (we use sound sleeper and he loves the "shhh" and the "rain" ) ... we also did the "let him cry" for five minutes before going in to check on him and settle him down. we had about a week or two of having to do that and now he goes down for almost all naps and bedtime without any crying. in what i've read, at 3 months they're too young to self soothe so a full "cry it out" method isn't great (just letting them cry till they stop) but checking in after a few minutes of crying is just fine. sometimes linc would settle himself if he was just fussing, or he'd be able to be soothed after crying for a few minutes (i would pat his back and either whisper to him or rock the bassinet but not pick him up). hope that helps!