The Magical Blogland

It is a rainy Sunday afternoon. I spent the morning cuddling in bed with my two cats, listening to The Moth podcasts, and messing around with my blog design.  I recently declared it rainy-Sunday-afternoon-wine-time and am currently enjoying my second glass of Shiraz. It's 4:00 in the afternoon. I give zero fucks. Lee left for a work trip yesterday morning and won't be back until Friday night. It's just me and the creatures for a week. I'm not sad. I enjoy these weeks of quiet solitude. I am very much an introvert, and while I always miss him when he's gone, I enjoy the chance for some "me time." Not that I do anything spectacular with it, it's mostly just spending the evenings after work watching girly TV with the creatures followed by bubble baths and early bedtimes.

About an hour ago, I tried really really hard to write a post about why I blog. Over the past few years, I have found myself returning to blogging time and again. I just couldn't properly articulate why I enjoy it so much and find myself missing it whenever I step away. I eventually got so frustrated with my inability to explain what blogging means to me, that I just deleted the entire draft and stopped trying. Shortly thereafter, I found myself reading The Bloggess' most recent post where she linked to some of her favorite internet discoveries from the past week. This article puts into words exactly how I feel about blogland. It is this whole world of interesting people and places that I would never be able to explore otherwise.

We moved to Nashville two years ago, and I still haven't found very many friends who I truly connect with. Sure, there are plenty of ladies I can meet for happy hour and enjoy chatting with, but only one or two I feel a real connection with. I can sum it up by saying I have many acquaintances, but very few friends here in Nashville. Perhaps it is because so many bloggers are so authentically themselves on their blogs, but I feel a connection with many more bloggers than friends here in Nashville. I love checking in with my favorite bloggers to read their daily musings and hear about their current triumphs and struggles. I find that I have quite a lot in common with these fabulous ladies, and it makes me feel less alone. In conclusion, read this post, it really struck a chord with me. The end.


Haley said...

I'm with you on the friend thing. I've been living in B.C. for almost nine years. I've made a couple of good connections with friends. But, nothing..great. I wish I lived near some of my fav. bloggers all of the time. We would have so much fun together. I actually wish I knew ONE blogger because I would love talking about blogging with someone!
AND- I love The Bloggess.. I read her all the time! Have you read her book? If not, you have to. It's soooo dysfunctional and disturbing wrapped into one hilarious and inappropriate book.

Monica @ The Empty Teacups said...

that article was awesome. I'm definitely using it to explain to the people who always ask me what I'm doing on twitter!

Sara Louise said...

I started blogging when I moved to a small village in France. The friends I met through blogging became my lifeline! It wasn't way I started blogging but it's definitely a reason why I'm sticking to it :)