Babywearing. It's my jam.

My little darling has always been a bit clingier than the average baby and lucky me, she is currently deeply committed to the separation anxiety phase.

Thank. God. For. Babywearing.

Robin's Hip Carry w/ My BB Slen Pineapple


In addition to all the awesomeness above, I have chronic tendonitis in my right shoulder/arm/neck and babywearing allows me to carry my little nugget without suffering debilitating pain on the daily.

Coolest Hip Cross Carry w/ My BB Slen Pineapple

Babywearing in all forms (soft structure carriers, ring slings, stretchy wraps, mei tais, etc.) is awesome, but I've fallen head over heels in love with woven wraps. The comfort, the versatility, the high snuggle factor, and the relativity low cost (if you somehow manage to stick with just one) are just some of the reasons I'm loving LOVING L. O. V. I. N. G. wovens.

Reinforced Kangaroo w/ Natibaby Magic Grid from Local Babywearing Group Lending Library

I have a 3 step process that will change my cranky baby into a happy baby 99.9% of the time:
1 > Ensure belly is full
2 > Ensure diaper is dry
3 > Wrap in a carry with a high snuggle factor

...and voila. She will almost always immediately settle in to observe our surroundings from the safety and comfort that are mama snuggles. And she will usually fall asleep eventually at which point I can always sometimes occasionally successfully transfer her to the bed for further napping.

Front Double Hammock w/ My BB Slen Pineapple

Babywearing means I can take her out and about without relying on strollers and/or car seats for nap time which is so clutch.

Front Wrap Cross Carry w/ Little Frog Jasper from Local Babywearing Group Lending Library

Babywearing. It's saving this mama's sanity right now.

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