We're moving! ...somewhere.

Whelp, looks like we are going to be moving soon. And it may be a cross country move. Lee has been looking at other positions for a while, and now with the baby on the way, it's time to make it happen. We are hoping to be in a position that will allow me to stay home for a couple of years with the baby.

He is currently interviewing for two positions, one on the West Coast and one on the East. One is in a really cool and beautiful location, and the other is really close to our parents (I would love for my babies to grow up close to their grandparents). He's already had an interview for one, and has an interview with the other this week. It's nuts that we have no idea where we will be living when we have this baby.

The thought of moving and starting over both intimidates and thrills me. We moved to Nashville two and a half years ago. We had visited once briefly, when we came for one night for his interview. We knew no one and nothing about the city. It was an amazing experience. It strengthened our relationship, and pushed us both to grow as individuals.

I am also fond of the idea of starting over with a new house. I really like our current house, but it will be fun to start from scratch with a new one, now that I've had some time to find my personal style. My taste is a bit traditional. I like dark antique furniture with books, pottery, and a plethora of houseplants. I do bright statement walls like yellow and turquoise to offset the darker furniture.

Mr. Kate almost makes me want to just give it all up and go for the fun, quirky look. I am loving what she did with her new dining room in the video below.

Does your house have a distinct style?


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East or West...!!! That is thrilling. Good luck with it all. No matter what the outcome- you'll be going where you guys are meant to be!