We're moving!

It's officially official. He accepted the position on Thursday, we put in our two weeks notice on Friday, and we are moving the first week of August. Eeeeeeeeeeek!!!

Drum-roll please... we are moving to North Carolina!


Or should I say back to North Carolina? We both grew up and went to college in good ol' NC. It's where our parents are as well as 3 out of 4 of our siblings. Life with a newborn is going to be significantly easier living in the same town as my in-laws and an hour away from my parents. My mom is over-the-moon elated that we are not moving across the country and her first grandchild will be within an hour's drive of cuddling at any given time.

We can live in his parents' basement while our house sells and we buy another, which means not paying a dime in rent! We will have free baby and dog sitting services all day everyday! Saving so many pennies all over the place!

On that note, I am adamant that we be in our own house by the time the baby is born in December. I love my in-laws to death, but I am a big fan of personal space, and I do NOT want my mother-in-law hovering while I bond with my newborn. Holy hell, I'm going to have a newborn in December...

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Haley said...

YES! Having family nearby will be a Godsend when the time comes for babysitting. My in laws stayed with us for two weeks after my little one was born. (They live in another province.) We have a two bedroom house.. it was very tight. I burst into tears in front of all of them a couple of times. Although, having said that- they were great. It was just tough at times. Holy hell.. I remember how weird it feels thinking- I'm going to be a mom?!