As of 5:00 today, I will be unemployed!

Guess who's excited that today is her last day of work!

I was recently promoted in May. While the increase in dollars was worth it, the new position was not as challenging or mentally stimulating as I had hoped. So I'm not terribly distraught to have an excuse to move on...

But I will super duper miss some of the friends I've made there. My best work friend's birthday is Saturday, so she will be arriving to work this morning to find this on her desk:

Not bad, eh? I'm rather proud of myself. Note that the card is completely glitter, the extreme sparkle-tastic nature of it is not fully represented in this picture. The awesome balloons are attached to a very easy to care for houseplant for her new house. She says that she loves plants, but can't keep them alive. I've had one of these for years and it is still going strong. (It's a Nephthytis, in case you give a shit.)

We're seeing as many friends as possible over the weekend, then spending next week packing and cleaning furiously. We are moving August 3rd and nothing is in boxes yet, gah!


Haley said...

Pregnant and unemployed.. ya sound like you're on the right track. ;)

Haley said...
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