Birthday Baby Bump

I turned 28 on Wednesday. And while 28 is a bit intimidating as I can no longer claim to be in my mid-twenties, I am happy with where I am right now. I am married to my best friend, back in North Carolina surrounded by friends and family, and creating my new favorite human with my magical baby making belly.

My standard birthday dinner is sushi and martinis, but considering both are off limits at the moment, we did fondue instead. It was delicious and super fun. We did the full on four course meal: cheese, salad, oil, and chocolate. Nom nom nom.

I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow and feeling quite pregnant. I swear, my belly gets bigger every day. My app says that my uterus is now the size of a soccer ball (it starts out the size of a large lemon). My constant state of being is either hungry, sleepy, or both. I often have to get back up out of bed to make myself a second dinner because I will suddenly be absolutely starving and breakfast is just too far away.

I'm feeling her little kicks every day. Lee felt her kick for the first time a couple nights ago, which was cool. It's a strange feeling, knowing that it's a tiny human inside my belly that's squirming all around and kicking me from the inside out. With every kick, I get more and more excited to meet her, this tiny human that is going to change me and my life forever.

Only 113(ish) more days until she arrives! It seems so soon and yet so far away. We have a lot to do before then like sell our Nashville house, buy a house here, move out of my in-laws' basement, and acquire all the many many things that it apparently takes to successfully care for a newborn. Seriously guys, ohmygod. My sister-in-law (aka mother of two wee ones) took me to Babies"R"Us to help me register for baby crap and whoa. I don't know how the human race survived with women having babies in caves for so long as apparently newborns and toddlers require approximately 734 various plastic items to survive in the world. It's bonkers.

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Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

You look amazing!!! Such a cute baby bump :-) And I agree, I am continuously overwhelmed by the amount of stuff babies 'need'!