My Secret to Keeping a Clean Home (Most of the Time)

It's really quite simple...

If it takes less than one minute, just go ahead and do it you lazy asshat.

No seriously, it totally works. All the little crap (dishes sitting in the sink, a week of mail in a pile, stacks of folded laundry) accumulates quickly, but if you just go ahead and do it you lazy asshat, your house stays neat. Then, when you do decide to get ambitious and vacuum a room or two, you don't have to put away a bunch of baby shit/dog toys/pairs of shoes first.

So many creatures everywhere, all the time.

Also podcasts, so so many podcasts. I wear her on my back, turn on a podcast, and just wander around the house being productive. My new favorite is 99% Invisible.


Steph G said...

I think if I called myself an asshat, it would help get my ass in gear. I have to clean tomorrow because my in-laws are coming to town and staying in our one bedroom apartment... time to kick myself in the butt. Ha, I'm still laughing about asshat.

Lisa @ Two Martinis said...

I've been really, really trying to tidy up my house... easier said than done, though! The one minute tasks are definitely the ones I tend to avoid for no reason! Maybe I need to start referring to myself as an asshat... haha!