Lovely Free Desktop Wallpapers and Architecturally Advanced Bipedal Moon Beavers

Check out these fabulous desktop wallpapers. I'm digging my new figgy desktop!

I adore nerdy history stuff like this podcast about this time in 1835 when people thought the moon was populated with architecturally advanced bipedal moon beavers.

I am in the early stages of growing out my bangs (uuugggggghhhhhhhhhhh) and loved this "Tips and Styles for Growing Pesky Bangs Out" video by Cherry Dollface. Below is my new favorite method. It's a bit tricky but after a few tries I got the hang of it.

I learned a lot from these 20 posts on photography tips and tricks.

I have such a lady boner for Amy Schumer right now. Current favorite: Milk Milk Lemonade. Close second: Last Fuckable Day.

I'm very mindful of my iPhone use when I'm with my daughter (aka 87.5% of each day on average... yes I just actually calculated it for reals).
A) I doubt there is anything on that little screen more important than witnessing all the ridiculously cute shit she is doing these days.
B) I want to model good moderation of screen use and I might as well start now.

I'm tempted to order one of these delightful floral penis pattern pillows.

Are you ready to feel super old? Watch this amusing video of teenagers reacting to 90s music.

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