Last night I burned a sponge... in the microwave.

I was cleaning up the kitchen and the sponge was looking rather used and germy but the dishwasher wasn't going to be run anytime soon, so I popped it in the microwave. (You heat it to the point of steaming and it kills the all the germies.) Only I couldn't remember how long it takes... and I was too lazy to Google it... with the phone that was probably already in my hand... so I guessed and did five minutes...

As the title of this post suggests... that was incorrect.

The entire downstairs reeked of burnt sponge, a surprisingly horrid odor. Thank goodness I had recently purchased these amazeball candles (Amazon Prime frivolous purchase to the rescue!). 

And now I have no sponge. And to be honest, I am tempted to just order more on Amazon Prime. But I draw the line at ordering kitchen sponges.

PS. Cats frolicking in a paradise of boxes. Because Friday.

PPS. Here's a picture of my cute kid.

PPPS. According to the internet, the correct amount of time to microwave a sponge is one minute.

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