Stepping Up My Babywearing Game: Buying a Woven

It's happening. I can feel myself being sucked in and I don't even own a single one... yet. It seems that all the mommas I know who wear their babies in fancy smancy woven (aka non-stretchy) wraps are completely o b s e s s e d. I can tell that I am about to be sucked right down that rabbit hole.

I love wearing her in our Moby, but she's getting bigger and it's not as comfortable as it used to be (because it's stretchy and doesn't provide as much support as we need). Our Ergo 360 is great for running errands, but not so much for snuggles around the house. 

Yes, that's a Moby on the left. I had a little bleach incident in the laundry room and decided to creatively camouflage it.

The next step in babywearing is the almighty woven...

I borrowed the striped wrap at our local babywearing meet-up a couple days ago and I'm already hooked. I spent an absurd amount of time yesterday researching the different kinds of wraps and watching videos of different complicated ways to tie my baby to myself with what is literally just a long piece of fabric... but such pretty long pieces of fabric!

I know that I will be buying one soon. And I know that I drop a cringe-worthy chunk of change on it. And there are so many options, how will I ever choose? What type of fabric? What weight? How long? Is it shimmery? How bouncy? How long until it's "buttery soft"? Is it grippy? What about breathable? How much shoulder cush? There is a whole babywearing subculture out there with their own forums and lingo and I am one very confused newbie.

I've been researching and pinning some possibilities and  ohmygoodness I want them alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

I'm stoked to learn a bit more about it all and become proficient at a few simple carries, especially back carries. Oh to be able to wear her on my back while I do housework! We've done a couple of back carries with the Ergo but she's still a little small and it doesn't feel as secure as I would prefer.

Do you have any experience with woven wraps? What would you recommend for a beginner who will be using it on the daily?

PS. The benefits of babywearing vs. carseat lugging.

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