I have a new wrap! And a teething baby.

Homegirl is currently cutting bottom tooth #2. I can't believe my baby is going to have TWO teeth any second now - hopefully sooner rather than later because teething makes everybody involved (aka Lillian and me) cranky. Apparently Lillian's thing is that she doesn't sleep when she's teething. Just Does. Not. Sleep.

Last night I got her to go down before 8:00 for the first time in dayyyyyysssss. I immediately went downstairs to happy dance about it in front of Lee, announce that I was going to take a celebratory bath, and then beeline it back upstairs to our master bath with the fabulous jacuzzi tub that I have barely touched since I had her because #motherhood...

I fiddled with the water until it was the perfect hot-enough-to-make-me-sweat-but-not-give-me-second-degree-burns temperature, added my cup of baking soda, cup of epsom salt, and lavender essential oil. I blissfully sank into the bath, cranked up my book on tape (which I'm not going to share because I am mildly ashamed to be enjoying this series so much), and made it almost ten whole minutes before she awoke and demanded my presence. Assuming I could nurse her back to sleep super speedy like, I grabbed a towel, crawled into bed, and snuggled up to her with my magical boobs.

THIRTY minutes later, she was soooooo almost asleep when our asshole cat, Olive - whom I love dearly, decided that she was feeling social and jumped on the bed and started chirping and mewing (which is normally super adorable). NOT CUTE. Lillian is currently obsessed with our creatures so she immediately woke alllllll the way up and started trying to play with (aka yank on) Olive.

By the time all these shenanigans were over and she was merrily babbling away on her dad's lap, my bathwater was so so cold and uninviting and very sad.

Moral of this unnecessarily long story: tonight Lee is in charge of the baby monitor and if she wakes up, screw trying to get her back to sleep in a timely manner because mama needs her bath.

In addition to not sleeping, teething also makes her super clingy. So I was extra pumped when our new Didymos Summer Breeze Indio arrived today!!! After the longest washing and drying cycles EVER, it was ready to play with!

The above picture on the right cracks me up. She 100% inherited that resting bitchy face from yours truly.

Loooooooooooooove this wrap.

Although I did have one pull within hours of it being delivered. Gonna have to be careful with this one - no snaggy jewelry. But I don't even care because it is just so lovely.

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shannon said...

but can we talk about her amazing facial expressions?
and how they seem to perfectly encompass how i feel about everything in the whole, wide world?